Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time flies...

After a long break from blogging, I'm back! I can't believe it's already September and getting chillier every morning!

So what have I been up to since my last post in May? Amigurumi-wise, I've added to my mario collection: Starman, Flower, Bullet Bill, Luma, King Boo...

I also made a Dunny and Deku Link as custom orders plus a pair of boxing gloves for Dave's birthday:

Aside from crocheting, I also managed to squeeze time for another upcoming hobby: making bentos!

This was my first attempt and hopefully there'll be many more to come! Bentos are a joy to make and to eat. I can't wait to go to Japan to buy more cookie cutters and other bento supplies!

Speaking of Japan, I'll be going there next Friday! I absolutely cannot wait! This time around I'll be visiting Tokyo (obviously), Yokohama, Shirakawa-go, Kyoto (because we didn't spend enough time there last year), Okayama, Himeji, Takamatsu, Kobe and Nara. I'll try to blog about the trip while I'm there!

But before next week rolls around, I have to prepare for my first ever craft fair! I'll be selling at the
Nibbles & Bites Craft Fair at Thompson Community Center in Richmond, BC on Sat Sep 6, 11am-8pm & Sun Sep 7, 11am-7pm. Drop by to visit if you can! Aside from the craft fair, there will also be restaurants with samples of their featured food items. There's also going to be a volleyball tournament, live band entertainment, a kids' carnival and a car show.

Well that's all for now! I believe that was a long enough post after my long absence from this blog. :)