Saturday, April 5, 2008

Smile Slime & Pacman

Smile Slime! The eyes can be improved but for now this is the prototype :)

Pacman & Ghosts! I started with the big ones in the back but then realized I had no more of the big plastic eyes. I had small ones left though so I made mini Pacman & Ghosts instead :P I'll shop for more eyes tomorrow and finish the big set. The mini set is for sale at my etsy:


annagb said...

Pacman & Ghosts are really nice and then I played Pacman a lot when I was younger. :-) I want to thank you for the idea: I am doing Ghosts in these days and tring to understand how to create a Pacman as yours.

t0fugurl said...

Thanks and good luck with your Pacman and ghosts! :)